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Even if you are a casual fan of the NFL two things are pretty apparent.  The league loves to throw the ball and a good defense can, more often than not, neutralize a good offense.  You can look as recently as the Super Bowl where a tough Seattle defense shut down the high powered Broncos offense.

So if the league loves to throw the ball you better have a defense that can slow the offense down.  You need the combination of a good front 7 pressure and defensive backs that are tough enough and quick enough to keep the offensive weapons blanketed.  This brings me to Mohammed Seisay.

I know.  Who?  He is the former University of Nebraska CB that is looking to for that chance to make an impact at the next level.

Lets start with the measureables.
Height – 6’1.25”
Weight – 202 lbs
Wingspan – 6’7”

It may not jump out to many but the height and weight is very similar to someone that many consider the best corner in the league, Richard Sherman.  Okay so I am stretching a bit.  Lets take a look at his pro day numbers at Nebraska.

40 yd dash – 4.48 (10th)
Broad Jump – 11’0” (2nd)
Vertical Jump – 39” (3rd)
3 Cone Drill – 6.50 (1st)
20 yd Shuttle – 4.14 (9th)
60 yd Shuttle – 10.95 (1st)

The numbers to the right is where he would have ranked if he were invited to the combine.  Pretty impressive, but spending his college career at 3 different schools may have hurt his exposure just a bit.  After earning Conference USA All-Freshman honors for Memphis, Seisay spent a year at Eastern Arizona and opened up recruiting once again ending up in Nebraska.  Seisay battled injury while at Nebraska and played in 24 of 27 games behind a pair of good corners.  I had an opportunity to speak with Seisay and below is a transcript of a piece of that interview.

J – How was your time at Nebraska?

S – My time at Nebraska went by very fast, being a juco player with only 2 years left of eligibility. I loved the time I did get to spend though.  I got a chance to meet and help a lot of people in the community, bond with my teammates, chance to play for a prestigious school, and become part of the black shirt fraternity.

J – How has the process been thus far preparing for the draft and to become a professional athlete?  What has been the most difficult/easiest part of it?

S – The process is very long and stressful, after our bowl game I went home for couple of days and everything was moving so fast with choosing an agent and place to train. It was a tough choice but I know I made the right one. I started training Jan 10 at elite edge in ATL. I was there for 2 months preparing myself for my pro day. March 6 was my pro day (my university had one of the earliest pro days). After I performed I felt relieved, happy, blessed and completely satisfied that my training paid off. I can say that the difficult part was waiting anxiously from my March 6 pro day until everybody else pro day was done.  Everyday I had to wait and see how other people performed I wanted to be the best and beat out every CB in the draft I was shooting for record-breaking performance. So waiting to see how my numbers compared to other guys late pro day was hard for me. Honestly, in this process I don’t think there was any easy part.  I been training constantly and working extra hard there is no days off or easy time.

J – What separates you/What do you bring/What value do you add to a NFL franchise?

S – I have the drive and desire to dominate my opponent, I have that “DOG” in me to become the best. Whatever my tasks are I will give it 100%.  I bring leadership, knowledge of the game, and with my measurable being 6’1 with 6’7 wing span 202lbs quick agile and fast I can impact on the island, inside, and on special teams. I am a good teammate and like to be the person to brighten a room up.  I am not coming in with a big ego or expecting any praise I have worked my hardest in training whereas a lot of other players has had teams come to them.  I have a mentality to make other teams wish they chose me.

J – You’re a bigger corner at 6’2”, how do you think the recent success with the Seahawks D and their bigger defensive secondary will help you?

S – NFL is a copycat league, everybody want to have that D like the Seahawks. I fit the description to a tee!  Being that big valuable and have long arms and rang is something that teams look at, and have seen success with, and will help me out.

J – You had a good pro day, what about your performance was the biggest surprise for the scouts that attended?

S – It started off with my measurable my arm length I have an arm length of a offensive lineman at 34”, then my broad jump I posted 11”, vert 39 at 6’1 202lbs. my quickness 3 cone 6.50, and how smooth I was in drills. I can say my whole overall performance scouts was amazing nobody was expecting me put the numbers I did but myself, even my teammates were asking me where I trained, saying they wanted to train there too.  Everyone was shocked and that’s exactly what I wanted to reaction to be.

J – If you had to pick a current NFL player whose game is the most similar to yours who would it be?

S – My game is similar to Aqib Talib.  He is a tall, physical, strong, productive, and versatile CB. I can play inside and outside. He gives it his all every game they give him assignment and he does it and I know I am that kind of player.

J – Any last words?

S – I no longer want to be a secret! I want all 32 teams to know about me.  I want them to know that I am a freak of an athlete!  I want them to take a chance on me, because if they do they will be the best choice they pick, and will not be disappointed.  Not only are you are getting a great player with huge potential but you are getting a leader and a lovable person that will represent the organization very well.


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